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Dear Seller,

Kindly note that the product that you have uploaded will be reviewed by Bhendi-Bazaar.Com and then categorized as per their choice. The product shall be visible on the website after approval only. 

Kindly DO NOT upload any Haram or Illegal products. If you do so, we shall block you as a seller on Bhendi-Bazaar.Com for any other of your products also. 

Please note that the money for the sale of your product shall be transferred only within 10 to 15 working days. Bhendi-Bazaar.Com shall charge anything between 9% to 15% commission on the Sale Price of your product. For example if a product is sold for Rs 1000, on a 15% commission class then we shall pay you Rs 850. For Commission Class please refer below:

  • Grocery or Food Items : 9%
  • Mens Topi, Dupattas, Masallas : 9%
  • Deeni Kitab : 9%
  • Textiles : 12%
  • Kurta Saya, Pehran and similar Products : 12%
  • Ridas and Ready Apparels : 15%
  • Masalla Bag Sets : 15%
  • Men’s and Women’s Accessories : 15%

We at any time are eligible to change the commission classes for the categories. However, we shall notify you of the changes made.